The companyGermans Boada, S.A.,RUBI was created in 1951 with the invention by the Boada brothers of a tile cutter for hydraulic mosaic. This new tool, christened with the name of RUBI, served as a stepping stone for developing a strong company that currently designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and tools for cutting and laying tiles.
    Its international vocation, very present since its creation, makes Germans Boada S.A. a now global company with a presence in over 100 countries and an extensive network of branch and participated companies worldwide.
    The group headquarters is located in Rubi, near Barcelona, and the logistics and industrial center in Santa Oliva (Tarragona). In the latter facilities, recently expanded to 20,000 m2, there are the productive and logistics center, equipped with an automated warehouse and the latest technology in order management.
    These resources, combined with optimal inventory management, grant a daily service to major markets with tight deadlines, thus satisfying the current needs of the various distribution channels worldwide.

Mission Vision

    Founded in 1951, Germans Boada is a family Spanish company that remains faithful to its origins and core identity. We work hard every day to preserve our business legacy and build a better future for all.
    Germans Boada S.A. provides different solutions to construction professionals, including the design, manufacturing and market of building tools, products, and accessories needed to do the job with the efficiency, profitability and safety.
Germans Boada S.A specializes in manufacturing tools and machinery to cut, handle, and set ceramics and other building materials used in the construction and remodeling business.
    To become a company with technological and market leadership, designing Manufacturing and marketing innovative products and service to cut,
    Set and preserve ceramics. We look forward to growing our world presence while staying close to user, and create value for our customers, employee and shareholders.

Our Values define our employees

    Our excellence is determined by our experience, professional knowledge, high standards for ourselves and others, detailed-oriented focus, work flexibility, and innovation capacity to create real value in anything we do.
    RESPECT towards our colleagues and collaborators is another of our rooted values. We encourage trust and reward honesty among ourselves. We recognize humility as an asset since it makes us learn from the mistakes, ask for help whenever needed, and be aware of our limitations and potential solutions that help us create a closer and more dynamic work environment.
    We do this with the needed appeal to engage people and teams, and boost their work.
    PASSION is also rooted in our behavior inside Germans Boada S.A., sustained on our work commitment, positive attitude, and confidence in the decision making.
These fundamental beliefs are what will make us achieve success.

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