RUBI has always been a brand specialized in quality products and services for cutting, placement, maintenance and cleaning of the ceramic.
    The RUBI range, evolving according to changes in materials and their applications, offers construction professionals a range of specialized and technically advanced products that includes tools and machines needed for a good placement with perfect finishes.
    Besides the guaranteed international service of the group GERMANS BOADA offers extensive support to the distribution channel; sales training, demonstrations in outlets and construction sites using a fleet of mobile units, fairs, promotional activity, new deployment supports , communication media and social networking with an active presence on the Internet. Some of the actions are intended to ensure RUBI good product turnover.
    However, much of the success of the RUBI products is the result of the strength and brand recognition among professionals worldwide, who regard RUBI as a quality assurance backed by a highly reliable international customer service and Technical center.
    In addition, the criteria of industrial design related to ergonomics and functionality is added to that of sustainability and low impact on the environment, as design requirements of RUBI products. As a result, the products are very respectful of nature and its components are easily recyclable.

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